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2006-04-27 : I sold my 5g back in the beginning of 2005 but I am looking to buy another one so I can build it up for SoloII racing. I have put this site back up because I figured it could help other mirage owners. I may or maynot make any updates, for now you will see it exactly how it was before I pulled it. Dont be surprised if some links no longer work but I hope someone will still get some use out of it. If you want to see more work done to it feel free to email me and I'll consider it - 5g@chappysplace.com


I spend a lot of time researching information on my '97 Mirage. I thought it would be a good idea to make a place where all 5G owners can quickly find the information they are looking for. Most of the information on here will be links to sites that contain the info you are looking for, but I will also try to do some write-ups so it can be more easily accessed.







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